Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Live Streaming
Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Ben O’Sullivan Video has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to live stream events of any kind. This service has become more popular during the Covid pandemic but will remain in demand as it is a great way to include a larger audience and give access to people who are unable to attend events in person.



As a techie, Ben is obsessed with the latest in hardware and software and is constantly upgrading and modernising his equipment, processes and techniques. Where necessary Ben will provide a full video crew to ensure all the action is captured from multiple vantage points.

Professional Recording

Professional recording of all the action which can then be released online or sold on DVD.

Multi-Camera Options

Where needed we can supply multiple cameras to capture the action from several vantage points.

4K Quality

We use only the very latest equipment to produce the highest quality resolution recordings.

Post Production

All our recordings are edited professionally as part of our post-production process.